1.1Furniture should be preceded by the vacancy in the ventilation in 15-20 days, maintaining good ventilation to remove the furniture surface coating residual odor.
  1.2Do not use high temperature objects directly on the table, separated from the application pad body so long after the accelerated aging of the film surface discoloration.
  1.3Furniture away from heat sources (such as radiators, heaters, stoves, etc.) at least one meter, and avoid direct sunlight.
  1.4Avoid sharp objects hit the surface of furniture, leaving the film scratches.
  1.5No water directly to clean the furniture, so as not to cause swelling after absorbing panels and metal parts to rust.
  1.6Note that the process of using acid and other chemical liquids directly contaminated furniture, so as not to cause a chemical reaction caused by discoloration or other issues can not be cleared.
  1.7When the whole furniture of severe shaking, should check all the connections are loose, loose screws and tighten with a screwdriver, such as necrosis hardware, should be replaced.
  1.8When that door, drawer issued in the course of a strange sound, you should check whether it has been worn hinges or tracks, screws are loose, and promptly adjust the tighten with a screwdriver.
  1.9Handling process to avoid the collision, furniture can not be installed in order to vigorously push and pull against external influences, and deformation.
  1.10Do not jumping on the furniture, trampling and heavy objects will collide with furniture.

B、Maintenanceand daily care

Daily Maintenance :
   2.1Furniture should be a day of dust with a damp wash cloth, then wipe with a soft dry cloth to keep the furniture clean, loose connection, if any adjustment should be timely, non-use of non-locked state.
2.2 drawer and closet should be placed mothballs or some tea, to prevent worms and cockroaches use.
   2.3If not careful splashed tea, drinks, soup, etc., please use a clean white cotton cloth, wipe the suction; such as residual traces of time, use special cleaning agent diluted with a clean damp white cotton cloth, gently in the dirt track scrub, and dry with a dry white cotton cloth water, and finally a small file with the hair dryer drying power. (Note that the mouth is not reliable sofa hairdryer too close)


C、Regular maintenance method

  3.1In use for some time, with salt water clean, can prevent the fragile, anti-moth, but also to maintain the bright color of rattan furniture.
  3.2Could focus on general maintenance once each quarter, with car wax to the surface of wooden furniture, rattan frame with waxing or manner, with a clean white cotton cloth, feather dust or vacuum cleaning system of wool sofa sets, and check the tracks, hinges and screw is loose and rust, and coated with rust inhibitor added.

  3.3Furniture such as long-term when not, it should be placed in ventilated, dry environment, the surface of optical materials with anti-dust covered the furniture. Can not store furniture in the indoor temperature, corrosive gases can not store furniture indoors.
  3.4Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading rattan material, dry.
  3.5Do not use and store contact and close with fire and heat, not on the sun for a long time exposure, or easily deformed, bent, cracked, loose and release and so on.
  3.6As the possession of rattan furniture gray surface where more cleaning can be vacuumed once or with a soft brush brushed the dust from the inside out first, then wipe with a wet little rag again, and finally dry with a soft cloth net to.

D、Handling, storage Notes

  3.2.1Handling, transport Note: dismantling furniture and moving apart or when you have to lift or move, not push-pull force on the ground, legs should balance the ground, not the furniture upside down.
  3.2.2Moving should be serviced by a professional disassembly, handling packaging should be a light to move gently. When you reinstall, should foot the furniture, doors and drawers to make necessary adjustments to maintain normal state.
  3.2.3Storage Precautions: furniture furniture store will not be dry and ventilated indoor environment, dust-proof surface cast light packaging materials.

E、Unpacking and checking

  4.1Out of the box Note: The first box should be placed according to package instructions to determine the direction out of the box after checking the documents should be set furniture, materials and components are complete (eg, hardware, glass and other accessories).